About Me

My name is Bryan and I am an alumni of the University of Iowa. I always remember with happiness and pleasure the years I spent in the University of Iowa campus, despite of all diversity and various experiences I had during my student life. I was fortunate to be surrounded by a bunch of really great guys and there was a lot of fun! We were involved in a number of activities, starting from preparing our student newspaper, The Daily Iowan, and ending up with working at our radio station. Also, I had a great deal of friends from local Hispanic Society, who used to involve me widely in their activities like learning more about their culture and traditions, learning Spanish, and so on.

However, I remember that I used to have serious difficulties with writing academic papers, especially various research papers, scientific reports, and various related papers. It took quite a lot of time for me to find proper information about the whole lots of requirements as to writing style, formatting, citing scientific works, or even making references throughout the text. Sometimes, it was just a problem to simply figure out what to write about and how to write about it. This problem was kinda huge for me during my first years in university, and I was lucky to have enough of friends of mine who helped me with doing the right things and not spending a lot of time for useless internet searches and so on.

After graduating from the uni, I became an internet freak and I have a series of blogs on various topics that I am interested in. I also decided to start this blog in order to help all  freshmen in high schools or colleges learn how to deal with their academic papers, how to plan working on research papers, how and where to find necessary information, how to process it and how to analyze it, what kind of help you’ll need to ask from your friends or tutors, and so much more. Take your time to read through the posts, and let me know what you think about my blog. Cheers!