Academic Essay On Abortion

Essay On AbortionAlong with the issues of gun control, capital punishment, legalization of euthanasia, or gay marriages, the problem of abortion is one of the most commonly chosen topics for argumentative essays. This issue is not only is being vividly discussed in modern mass media and academic works, but also it is one of the problems which are close to today’s students as some of them had a chance to encounter the problems and difficulties of early motherhood. That is why many choose writing an academic essay on abortion as an issue that is pretty much familiar to them. Certainly, abortion is not only related to teenage moms, but as a rule the links between teenage motherhood and intentional pregnancy termination are the strongest.

There is a great deal of proponent of abortion who strictly argue for legalization of abortions and allowing modern women decide whether to keep their pregnancy or get rid of the unborn baby. There is a few arguments that such abortion supporters usually talk about. Fist of all, they say that a great deal of women in today’s world are becoming victims of rapers and other abusers, and very often such kind of abuse ends up with an unwanted pregnancy. Besides, as they argue, a great deal of teenagers get pregnant out of their ignorance or being too irresponsible, and becoming teenage mothers is a very hard and almost impossible choice for them. These are two very common situations which can make abortions legalized and officially allowed.

Besides, abortion proponents say that sometimes women can be forced to terminate their pregnancy due to social or economic reasons, as well as due to certain dangers or threats to their own health. Finally, such people claim that abortion is a personal choice of every modern woman, who has right to decide for herself what to do about keeping a baby, so prohibiting abortions should be taken as a violation of our basic freedoms which are guaranteed to us all by the Bill of Rights. Those are the most important arguments supporting abortions legalization which should be mentioned in an academic essay on abortion.

There is a great deal of con arguments as well. Those who oppose abortion legalization underline that the act of abortion should be considered a homicide and be severely punished according to the laws of our country. They say that abortion infringes all ethical and moral norms that our society is based on. They do not agree with the theory that fetus is not actually an individual and support the concept that even fetus has the right to live. They say that granting the right to women to choose whether to end the life of their future children or not will eventually lead to social and moral havoc and have really terrible impact on the existence of our society. These all are the principal and the most important pro and con arguments related to the abortion issue which should be discussed and analyzed in an argumentative essay on abortion. Remember that it is very important to present both parts of the picture.

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