Academic Essay On Cloning

Academic Essay On CloningArgumentative essays are a very interesting task to work on for all students, and many of them will agree that choosing a proper topic for this kind of academic essay is a key to success and receiving a high grade. It is essential to choose an issue with a great deal of controversy, in order to get a chance to discuss and argue for or against a certain opinion or a viewpoint. Topics like capital punishment, gun control, same sex marriage legalization, or human cloning include the best and the most common topics for argumentative essay. Such kind of topics can be analyzed from a great variety of perspectives, including moral, social, ethical, religious, even economic and political, and many others.

Writing your argumentative essay on cloning can give you great space for discussion and demonstrating your academic writing skills. Undoubtedly, human cloning is a controversial issue, and there is a great deal of both opponents and proponents of continuing the experiments on making human cloning an easier technology. Numerous opponents of human cloning are avidly protesting against such experiments, saying that this interferes with all moral, ethical and religious norms, basic and very important for modern society. They claim that continuing this kind of experiments will make human life less valuable and less divine, and a human life will become something that can be bought and sold at the market like goods. Human cloning violates many social regulations and concepts, like parenting, social rights of a newborn child, and many others.

Those who are supporting human cloning usually approach to the issue from physiological point of view. They say that cloning can be a new step in biology and medicine, bringing amazing opportunities to humanity. They say that people can clone their copies in order to be healthier and prolong their life. Besides, according to the ideas of human cloning proponents, this amazing technique can give us an opportunity to make important people or those people who lived in the past ‘reborn’. They are convinced that human cloning is a way to bring back to life important personalities, even those who lived on earth centuries and centuries ago. Undoubtedly, it can be interesting to discuss all these viewpoints in your academic essay on cloning.

The issue of cloning is controversial, but most of people understand that human cloning is something that strictly violates the idea of “inviolability of human life” and can seriously interfere with natural development of human life on earth. That is why recently, the experiments on human cloning are being slowed down to a great extent. When writing you academic essay on cloning, look for relevant materials and support your claims with the data and research. Do not forget to keep in mind basic rules of academic writing including formatting your essay, using a proper writing style, citing and referencing the materials you’re using, proofreading and eliminating all possible mistakes and errors. Good luck with your academic essay on cloning!

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