Academic Essay Topics On Hamlet

essay topics on HamletAcademic essays on most known plays of William Shakespeare, novels of Charles Dickens, stories of the Bronte sisters, poems of Geoffrey Chaucer or Andrew Motion, as well as on the most famous books of American, French, Russian, or other authors is a very common assignment in most of today’s colleges or high schools. I can guess that the task of writing an academic essay on Hamlet is something that every student in the UK have to experience at least once (sometimes more than just once) in his or her academic life. Essay topics on Hamlet vary and give students an opportunity to express their opinion on just an episode, or the whole play, depending on what is the student interested in.

Writing an academic essay on Hamlet or other pieces of English literature of different eras can be easy for someone who is interested in it, and can be quite a hard task for those who do not enjoy reading our classic literature works. In particular, some student can have problems even when choosing essay topics on Hamlet. I can give a couple of ides for those of you who’re facing this problem, and I’d try to give you some clues what issues or factors you can discuss in your academic essay on Hamlet.

1. The simplest and the first idea that comes to the mind is discussing a profile of a certain character portrayed in the play like Hamlet, Ophelia, Horatio, Polonius, Claudius, Gertrude, and so on. However, this idea has a disadvantage: it can be too much broad, so you can face a problem of what exact trait or attitude of the selected character you should analyze.

2. It is also possible to select a topic for your essay on Hamlet related to a particular scene in the play, or a certain event. For example, you can choose to analyze the gravedigger scene, the scene between Polonius and Reynaldo, and any other scene. Start your writing with some descriptions, and then switch to expressing your attitude and your perception of the scene, its importance.

3. A good idea when selecting one of possible essay topics on Hamlet is to follow the approach of compare-contrast essays and choose two factors or concepts to compare. For example, it is possible to compare-contrast the relationships between two or more characters, compare-contrast a certain attitude of two characters toward the same event or factors, and so on.

4. It is possible to discuss various factors or events that play a role in the play. A good idea can be discussing some historical background of the play, including the situation in the state of Denmark of Hamlet’s times, from political, economic, social and other perspectives. You can discuss various related concepts, including the language of Shakespeare, the structure of the play, its effectiveness, and so on.

5. Finally, you can built your essay on Hamlet on analyzing a particular quote, or even an opinion of another person about the play. Dozens of opinions and quotation related to Hamlet can be found online and give you a good starting point for your academic essay on Hamlet.

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