Persuasve Essay Ideas And Topics

Persuasive Essay IdeasMany high school students will agree that writing a persuasive essay is one of the most challenging and interesting assignments related to academic writing. Persuasive essay is a kind of academic paper which requires excellent skills from the writer to defend one or another point of view on a certain subject. In other words, the main objective of writing a persuasive essay is making your reader convinced that your point of view on a certain subject has a lot of common sense and can be considered correct. For writing a great persuasive essay and receiving a good grade, it is very important to choose a good topic which can give you a good room for discussion and bringing out your arguments. Therefore, prior to start your work and creating a persuasive essay outline, it is necessary to take time and select one of the most commonly used persuasive essay ideas.

Fortunately, it is possible to make quite a large list of controversial and popular topic suitable for being a good idea for writing such an academic paper. It is very important to choose one of persuasive essay topics which you feel a real interest in and will really enjoy writing about. There is a plenty of persuasive essay ideas, and below there is just a little part of possible options:

  • Legalization of marihuana. The issue of marihuana legalization can give a good ground to discuss, both for the opponents and the proponents. The pro arguments include marihuana’s being a powerful painkilling and digestive properties, its being a good immune-stimulant and relieving the condition of those with AIDS. The con arguments include side effects and narcotic effects of this natural remedy.
  • Gun control issue. Analyzing advantages and disadvantages of providing a tighter gun control is one of the most commonly used persuasive essay topics. Those who support the idea of tougher gun control refer to numerous shooting accidents in modern world, the risks of guns in the hands of children or mentally sick people, the risks of falling victims of accidental shooting, etc. Those who are the opponents of gun control, say that banning guns infringes the Bill of Rights and violates the regulation for our basic freedoms. Also, they say that those who want to kill are not bounded to using only guns, so gun control will not actually lead to improved crime rates.
  • Capital punishment. The pros and cons of capital punishment are being vividly discussed in modern media and scientific researches. High costs of keeping life-long prisoners and the necessity to use the most severe punishment for mass murderers and rapists are the most common arguments to support death penalty, and those who oppose capital punishment refer to moral factors or the necessity to rule out the opportunity of mistake.
  • Human cloning. This is a controversial issue which is linked to numerous moral, ethical, physical, social, religious, and other factors. Human cloning can help today’s science make important steps on the way to finding cures for many serious diseases, but at the same time, it can bring to social collapse and devaluation of human life.
  • Same sex marriage legalization. This is one of the most interesting persuasive essay ideas. Some say, gay marriages should be legalized to give gay people equal rights to the ones heterosexual people have in their marriage, and some find gay marriages weird and immoral.

There are plenty of other persuasive essay topics, including prohibition of talking to cell phone while driving, censorship, banning tobacco smoking, prohibition of zoos, allowing students pray in schools, or making school students wear uniforms. Start your work on your academic essay with choosing a good topic, gather proper materials, write a good persuasive essay outline, choose a proper formatting and writing style, and do not forget to proofread your academic work prior submitting it to your instructor.

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