Using Emphatic Order For Your Research Paper


Writing a research paper requires paying a close attention and focusing on a great deal of important points and issues. In particular, writing style the author uses and the way he or she presents the information in the research paper play a key role for writing a successful academic paper and receiving a good grade. Such a tool as presenting information or data in the research paper by using so called emphatic order is very commonly used by many students.

Emphatic order means nothing else but presenting the facts or the data according to the importance of its meaning. At that, it is possible to present the arguments or the facts from the strongest to the weakest, or from the weakest to the strongest. Using emphatic order can work out great in any type of research papers, and also it is very useful for any type of analysis papers, especially for argumentative essays, opinion papers, and so on.

As it was mentioned before, it is possible to use emphatic order for your research paper in two ways. The most preferable way is starting with the strongest point that helps to impress or surprise the reader, and then carry on with your writing till the weakest point. Undoubtedly, this is the most common way of using emphatic order for academic papers. However, it has one big disadvantage: when the biggest and the most important issues are presented in the beginning of the work, the second part of the paper can seem to be a little weak and incomplete.

As an alternative, it is possible to start with the weakest points mentioning the least important info or data. Then, as the paper goes on, the reader will learn about more and more important and strong points to support your idea. This way you’ll be able to keep reader’s interest, so he’ll have truly enjoyable time when reading your academic paper. Not many students prefer using this way of presenting the information, but it also works very well and can help you receive a good grade.

Using emphatic order requires a great deal of analytical skills and be able to find out, what information or argument has the most importance, and what facts are of less or the least importance. If such approach as emphatic order is used correctly and properly, it is possible to write a strong and very good academic paper, which will be of interest to any reader and help you to endear you to your tutor.

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