Writing A Critical Essay

Writing A Critical EssayCritical essay is a type of academic paper which usually is based on a critical review of an artwork, an event, an action, or anything else. This academic paper usually presents an opinion of the author in a little criticizing manner. Certainly, such opinion should in no way be based on vogue facts, pure emotions or simple lack of logic. All critical notes and points of view should be backed up with clear facts, some clear evidence or thoughtful convincing ideas and arguments. Writing a critical essay does not mean producing a negative academic paper, filled up with criticism and negative emotions. It should be rather a clear objective evaluation of the topic, a critical analysis and objective reaction on a subject or a situation.

No matter what you’re going to analyze, a book or a movie, a play or a painting, an historic event or a brand new car model, you should work good on finding plenty of factual materials and information to base your critical essay on. This is the first stage of writing a critical essay which involves researching and analyzing the topic. You can use various related materials and sources like other critic reviews, opinion papers, comments of the specialists and experts, various data and facts, etc. The main objective of this part of your work on critic essay is understanding your subject as deep as possible. This stage should end up with writing critical essay statement as well as determining the major points to discuss and arguments to support your point of view.

The next step is working on the outline for your critical essay. Like any academic paper, a critical essay should start with a good introduction presenting briefly your topic and the main thesis statement. The body part comes next. You should arrange your arguments, ideas and supporting points in a certain manner, logical or sequential. Be sure that your arguments are clear and understandable to other people, especially to those who may not possess as deep knowledge on the topic as you do. If there are any flaws or gaps in the flow of your arguments, do additional brainstorming or analysis to fill those up and make your essay more successful. Be sure to arrange your sections and paragraphs logically.

After the body of your critical essay is completed, come to writing critical essay conclusion as a brief summary of your work. Try to follow the writing style you consider appropriate for this kind of academic paper, but avoid making it too dry or too critical. When the part of writing itself is done, take your time for proofreading the paper in order to spot and correct some grammar, punctuation, or possible syntax errors. Pay a proper attention to citing the ideas and argument, as well as information and data you borrowed from other reputable academic sources. Be sure to follow the rules of the required formatting style (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.). Ask your friends to look through your essay prior submitting it to your instructor. Good luck with writing a critical essay!

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