Writing Academic Essay On Divorce Rates In The World

essay on divorceThe issue of divorce and increasing divorce rates in the modern world s is one of the most serious and topical social issues which influences our life to a great extent. Divorces are something that affects both personal and social life very deeply. It causes stresses and severe psychological problems, makes people unsuccessful and changes lives. Unfortunately, children are probably the most affected by divorces, both from social and psychological perspective. According to the statistics, children of divorces parents usually perform a little worse in schools and display more problems in their behavior and psychological development, compared to the kids from full families. When writing an academic essay on divorce rates or the effects of divorces on social life of modern people, it is necessary to discuss numerous aspects of divorces as a very common social phenomenon of our times.

It is estimated that in today’s United States of America, every second marriage ends up with a divorce. This statistics is terrifying, also because divorce rates in the developed countries of the worlds have been gradually increasing over the last 20-30 years. Our economic, social, moral, and physical freedoms give us a spark to constantly look for better, that is why sometimes we fail to understand and value the relationships and things that we’ve already got. Our starvation to freedom is a reason why most of modern people prefer not to get married but “live together” instead. Corrupt imagination about marriage as an institution is also caused by such factors as race, ethnicity and religious differences between people, as well as sexual freedom. As a result, less and less number of children come to this earth to grow up in full families and be happy in this life.

When working on your essay about divorce-related issues, it is recommended to start your work with fining our and analyzing plenty of statistics. You can check out the dynamics of divorce rate changes for the last one-two decades, or analyze the data on a certain group of families (interracial marriages, marriages of young people or marriages of rural people, etc.). You can get an interesting perspective and present your readers with really unique conclusions to make your essay on divorce more connected with the real life specifics of the problem of divorce. Using statistical data and providing some basic data analysis is an effective tool to demonstrate serious approach and the grounds for constructing a serious argument or thesis statement regarding the issue.

Another interesting idea for those who are writing an academic essay about divorce can be analyzing a certain situation, i.e. a recent divorce of a celebrity couple and how both sides and/or kids reacted on divorce. Writing about celebrities can add interest to the paper and give plenty of materials to analyze. Such kind of academic work requires using creative approach and special writing style to keep the interest of readers and make the essay successful. There are also plenty of academic materials, journal articles, findings of new sociology studies on divorce, etc., which can be really helpful and give an idea about what to write in the essay on divorce. Keep in mind the basic rules of citation and formatting style, as well as do not forget to take good time for proper proofreading and spell chek. Good luck woth your work and writing academic essay on divorce!

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