Writing An Introduction Paragraph To A Research Paper

writing an introduction to an essayEvery kind of academic paper, be it a research paper, or a term paper, or just an essay, should start with an introduction. For some serious works, an introduction can take up to one page and contain plenty of useful information necessary for better understanding of the topic, objectives, or methods used in the scientific papers. Some relatively small academic writings, like essays, book reviews, opinion papers, etc., can have a small introduction, put to no more than just one or two paragraphs. On one hand, writing an introduction paragraph can seem quite an easy job, but there are certain things that should be always kept in mind when working on this important part of your academic paper. Read on to find out more about the issue.

Writing an introduction to an essay or any kind of academic work should never be neglected since creating an excellent introduction is one of the key elements of success of the entire academic paper. Introduction is the part of the writing which has to grab reader’s attention and evoke interest. Just like the first impression or first look is important, the same importance should be given to the first lines of the work, the first words that the reader is going to see and read. Brief, concise, captivating, and intriguing introduction is actually a great step to producing an excellent academic paper and receiving a high grade. Please, keep this in mind when writing an introduction paragraph or introduction section to your academic work.

There are a few practical tips to keep in mind when writing in introduction to an essay or any other academic work. First of all, you can consider starting your work with an interesting and striking quote of a famous person, which explains, clarifies, or just outlines to the issue. Plenty of those can be found online, so looking through related websites can help you to find the best one. Another interesting approach is writing and introduction paragraph that starts with a question. You can use the patterns like “Have you ever..?”, or “What will be…?”, or “How many…?”, or any other. Starting your academic essay with a question is a great tool to attract attention of readers and boost their desire to find out the answer to the question in your essay.

It is also quite common to start an academic work with a very short but interesting story or anecdote, related to the issue. Finally, you can choose to use some interesting piece of statistics or a historic fact to begin your paper with. When writing an introduction to an essay, remember that you must be very creative and never neglect the importance of the first lines of your work. Also, another essential factor is to be totally prepared for writing an introduction paragraph and have clear understanding of the topic of your work. In other words, do not start your work on an introduction for your academic paper prior collecting plenty of information, doing research and analyzing the data. For producing an excellent introduction, you should be aware what are you going to write in your academic work, and what its main importance is going to be.

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